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At Iteora Data, we are focused on providing our customers with the data they need. We are working with hundreds of data suppliers. Our system aggregates data from different sources, cleans it from personal information, and supplies it to our customers.

We are doing our best to clean raw data from personal and sensitive information. Our software helps companies to collect, filter and export data. Our big data and business intelligence experts create unique solutions for processing huge amounts of data.

Web Data trading

Buying, processing and selling - browsing history and analytics, action tracking, user behavior, user flow, and more.

Social networks

Collecting public data from social networks - Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, Reddit, Twitter, Quora, etc.

Medical radiology data

Solutions for anonymizing patient data in radiology images (DICOM) for medical companies.

Affiliates networks

Solutions for collecting and processing affiliate network data from multiple sources.

Web scrappers and parsers

Solutions for collecting data from any sources on the web.

Business analysis solutions

Solutions for processing huge amounts of data based on Power BI, Pentaho, Apache Spark, etc.

Our head office in Germany

Iteora GmbH

Düsseldorfer Str 85,
40667, Meerbusch.

Office Telephone : +49 2132 97 999 33

mail : info@iteora.com

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